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Do you know exactly which fish you are trying to catch? If not, you can learn about all the different types of fish you can catch in Costa Rica. Plus we let you know where the best places to catch them.

The Hottest Costa Rica Sport Fishing Spots

We are your all-access guide to sport fishing in Costa Rica. No matter what type of fish you are looking for, or where you are visiting, we can help you catch the fish of your dreams. Explore the different fishing locations below.
  • Los Suenos
  • Playa Flamingo
  • Playa Del Coco
  • Tamarindo
  • Garza
  • Samara

Planning Tips for Your Next Costa Rica Fishing Trip

It’s true, Costa Rica boasts some of the best sportfishing, period! But, before you pack your gear, there are a few things you might want to be aware of when booking a fishing trip down here.

Costa Rica has extremely different geographic areas, microclimates, currents, which can affect the fishing seasons. Additionally, the specific captain & boat you charter could turn your dream fishing trip into a nightmare. But these are really just the basics.

To help you out in the decision making process, we have identified 6 very important factors that we feel contribute most significantly to getting the package that suits your needs and will help you enjoy a worry-free Costa Rica sportfishing experience.


In general, Costa Rica has two distinct seasons – dry season and green season (aka Rainy season).

If you google “The best time to visit Costa Rica” you will see that December – April is typically regarded as the most appealing time frame for a CR trip. It is known as the dry season due to the fact that it almost never rains during those months, allowing tourists to enjoy the sun and sand and all the outdoor adventure tourism that CR is known for, to the fullest.

Here is the good news, most species can be caught during those months! So, dry season is a great time to come for a fishing trip, especially if you’re combining it with a family holiday – that way everyone can have good time. However, it’s important to know that dry season is also known as “high season”. Why? Because that is the time you will notice a higher volume of tourists, less availability and, unfortunately, higher prices.

If budget or less crowding is important to you, then you may want to consider making a trip during green season. Why not visit our “fish species” page to see the optimal fishing season for the species you are after?!


The truth is, the fishing here is pretty incredible year round, and it is possible to catch just about anything on any given day. But, we have compiled a list of the most sought after species and the times when you are most likely to get hooked into them. Again, please visit our fish species page to see when the species you are after is more likely to be caught in Costa Rican waters!


There is no doubt that the pacific coast is where it’s at if you are after serious sport fish like Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Wahoo, Roosterfish and Tuna. You can also find great Snapper, Snook and Mackerel fishing there as well. The pacific coast is kind of like one stop shopping for all the best sport and eating fish.

However, if you want to get off the beaten path – get adventurous – and also happen to be after snook or tarpon, then the Caribbean coast is a great option. You will find great snook and tarpon fishing as well as less crowds and typically better prices on fishing packages and tourism packages in general.


As avid fisherman ourselves, we know how important local knowledge is to a successful Costa Rica Fishing trip. That is why we maintain current, personal working knowledge of all the captains with whom we book. So you can be assured that you are with the most experienced crew for your specific location in CR.

We want to connect you with the best local captains because they are good at catching fish in their waters. That is why we do what we do best (internet booking and customer service) so that they can do what they do best – catch fish!

We like to think of it as: we do the booking; they do the hooking!


The price of your package will vary depending on when and where you want to book your fishing charter. We offer the most competitive pricing in all of Costa Rica. We can offer discounts, for groups or multi-day trips. Email or call today to find out our current rates and promotional packages.


As previously mentioned, we ourselves live and fish right here in Costa Rica. We have seen what passes for “equipment” down here. That is why we maintain constant contact with our captains to make sure that we are booking you on the same quality equipment that we personally have used on their boats. Unfortunately, as with anything else in life – but especially in tourism – it is easy to get “ripped off” (yes, even in the land of Pura Vida). Sadly, we hear it all too often – anglers who pay too much for a cheapo boat, or end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, etc….

We’re not guaranteeing that you will catch a world record, but we are very proud of our record (and our many satisfied customers), when it comes to the services we provide and how we provide them.

We have over 10 years of experience in booking sport fishing trips all over Costa Rica, working personally with captains who have many years of experience running sport fishing charters in Costa Rica. You can rely on our experience, and past customers’ recommendations, to feel confident in knowing that we will get you the best possible trip for the best possible price!

Our mission is to provide you with the most accurate, most unbiased advice and recommendations possible. We want you to have the trip of a lifetime! We want you to have so much fun and catch so much fish that you can’t wait to brag to all your buddies about us, so that they will have to come down and find out for themselves!

Please browse our site, send an email or feel free to give us a call to discuss your trip. We are here to help. Happy Fishing…

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