Sailfishing In Costa Rica

The speed, fighting ability and aerial acrobatics of the Sailfish make it one of the most thrilling catches any angler can experience. Doing it in the tranquil and beautiful tropical waters of Costa Rica can only be described as the thrill of a lifetime!

There is no doubt about it, the sailfishing here is world class. In fact, both the line class and fly class world record Sailfish were caught right here in Costa Rica!


There is only one officially recognized species of Sailfish which can be found in most warmer waters throughout the globe (including CR). Sailfish are not as big as their similarly billed and sailed relatives – the Marlin – but they are freakishly speedy fish; they can purportedly swim up to nearly 70 mph. So, whatever they may lack in size, they make up for in sheer speed; a feature that only adds to their appeal to the sport fisherman.


The deep waters, currents and abundant bait fish in our waters attract Sailfish year round. However, April-September are typically the best months to enjoy consistent success with Sails. It’s also during these months where you are more likely to catch a trophy specimen. And, let’s face it, that’s really what a Sailfish enthusiast is after!

It is common for us to catch Sailfish in the 90-110 lb range from April-September. The good news with that timeline is that it is dead smack in the middle of Costa Rica’s low season. It is the time when you are likely to find more economical airfare and lodging accommodations – you will also be able to find more favorable pricing on our Sailfishing packages during this time.

Speaking of…


Why would we encourage you to book with us during low season; during a time when you will pay us less?

Well, because – like you – we are anglers. WE want to have a good time and we want YOU to have the experience of a lifetime! You can be confident booking with us, because we have the local knowledge and fishing experience necessary to make your Costa Rica Sailfishing dream a reality.

We have been fishing these waters for decades and we know all the right spots and right times to find all different types of fish, including Sails. In addition, we only book with top notch crews that have top quality boats, bait & equipment.

Before you book your Sailfishing charter, check out the variety of packages we offer, embarking from any number of marinas throughout Costa Rica. We can help you experience the best Sailfishing no matter where you plan to be.

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