Papagayo, Playa Coco, Playa Flamingo

Over 4 years ago, I made my first trip to Costa Rica and it was love at first night. I have been back every month or a part of every month since. Fishing has been a life-long love after catching my first albacore on a tuna trip out of San Diego when I was only 9.

That fish weighed nearly as much as I did and fought me tooth and nail all the way to the boat! Since then I have fished all up and down the coast of Baja and off the mainland of Mexico as well. Out of all the places I’ve been and fished from, nothing I’ve done matches what we have here on the Gold Coast of Costa Rica. You can drink the water no matter where in the country you are, the people are friendly, the scenery has little to rival it, the weather is perfect and the fishing is out of this world good!

After fishing on the Tuna Fish several times, I struck up a friendship with the Captain, Nelson Mendez and his son Adelso, his mate and part-time captain. Nearly 3 years ago, I found a beautiful boat for sale and bought the Loretta and hired Adelso as my Captain. Errol Canales is our full time mate and they work as an excellent team on a well oiled machine to help you catch the big ones (and some small ones) here in paradise. We now use the Tuna Fish as our back up boat and for groups of 7-12 anglers who want to fish together on the same day.

I have fished on many different types boats doing private charter trips nearly all my life and want your trip to be one to remember for a lifetime if you choose to fish with us. We keep our tackle in top shape and have every imaginable lure and color in addition to the bait we use. I welcome you to call me and ask any questions you might have. We can help with tours of all types, accommodations from small cabinas to luxury ocean view or ocean front villas.

Nearly everyone who visits Costa Rica falls in love with all the country has to offer. Many like me choose to call it HOME!

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