Snook Fishing in Costa Rica

Snook, or Robalo as it is known in Costa Rica, is highly regarded as some of the better tasting fish meat in the world. Here it is a common target for both local and sport fishermen alike. Costa Rica actually holds the IGFA world record for Snook; coming in at a whopping 53 lb 10 oz.

Even if you don’t land a world record, Snook is prolific throughout Costa Rica’s inshore waters –  specifically at river mouths and tidal estuaries. Snook fishing does not require high-end gear, nor is it technically difficult. All of these factors combine to make Snook an easy target and a convenient catch for both the amateur and advanced fisherman.

Even if you only have a half-day to spend with us, you can enjoy the best Snook fishing in Costa Rica!


Technically, there are 5 species of snook that exist. The most common species found in Costa Rica is, ironically, the Common Snook. And they are indeed common, in the sense that you can find them all over Costa Rica in both fresh and saltwater.

Without a doubt, Snook are most frequently caught in the briny, brackish water of river mouths as they move in and out of estuaries. They are ambush hunters, known to hide in cover and wait for their prey to swim by. Live bait typically works best, but they will hit a flashy lure for sure.

Snook aren’t the most powerful fish in the water, but they are know to put up a good fight – even occasionally jumping out of the water and thrashing in the air to try and throw the hook. So, make sure you set the hook well, and be ready to drop the rod tip in the event they go airborne!


Snook fishing is good in Costa Rica all year long.

December & January are reportedly the best months to catch Snook. Although, it’s entirely possible that this is the case simply because there are more fisherman in the water during those months (December & January is considered the beginning of  “high season”, when Costa Rica experiences its largest volume of tourists – including fisherman). So, take that recommendation with a  pinch of salt.


We offer whole day or half day Snook fishing packages. Since Snook aren’t found off shore, our charters are typically offered out of a Panga (as the smaller inshore fishing boats are called locally). However, some advantages to our Panga charters is that they are one of the more economical options, and they typically provide a sunshade as well as fresh fruit and refreshments for your comfort and enjoyment.

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